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How to become a Tiny Health practitioner

Kits ordered with a practitioner or bulk kit discount code allows your patient to add you as their practitioner when activating the kit.

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We offer three options for easy ordering

Practitioner orders and pays for tests

Purchase tests for your patients and have them delivered to their home. 

Simply put your patient’s information in the shipping box at checkout. Patient receives no billing information. 

This is a great option for those with set-pricing programs or who order other labs for patients.

Patient orders the tests directly

Have patients purchase the test. Share your discount code and the link for the test you want your patient to order.

You’ll be assigned their practitioner at kit activation, giving you access to the results.

Many practitioners who use this option will charge for consultations on the results.

Hand kits to patients in your practice

Purchase kits ahead of time and hand to patients immediately, right in your practice.

With the include mailer you can even have patients sample in office, reducing time to results.

Great for those with in person practices. Check out bulk kits for the biggest discount.

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